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The 25 words every child should know by aged two…

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The 25 words every child should know by aged two…The 25 words every child should know by aged two…Blimey, as if parenting competitiveness wasn’t hard enough to deal with, now a survey has revealed the 25 words your child should know by aged two. Before you either declare your child a genius or not, we urge you to remember that all children develop at different speeds and just because they don’t know all these ‘must-know’ words, doesn’t mean they won’t be able to talk and understand in a completely normal way at some point in the future! So, without putting too much pressure on your little ones, here goes…

The words and phrases cited as the words that all toddlers should know are a mixture of words about toys, food, animals and of course ‘mummy’, ‘daddy’ and ‘bye-bye’. Experts say that these words and phrases are designed to detect children who might struggle with words when they get older and can also show a deeper sign of either Autism or deafness in a child.
The list that has been compiled is actually part of a larger list of about 310 words and can be used almost as a ‘tick-list’ so parents can quickly test their children in minutes. According to the Language Development Survey the average child should know 150 words in the list and alarm bells should be ringing if they use less than 50. (Scores of 75 to 225 are also normal from the complete list).
A Vancouver conference heard that up to 20 per cent of all two-year-olds are behind with their speech. However, of these children at least half to three quarters are late bloomers who will eventually catch up with their peers when they get older.
Professor Leslie Rescorla, who designed both versions of the test, said: ‘If children don’t use most of these words by 24 months, they may be late talkers.’ She also added that this could just mean they were late bloomers, especially if in all other areas the child is developing normally.
Professor Rescorla, of Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, studied 78 two-year-olds for a fifteen-year period to track their speech development. Half the children were slow talkers but had no other problems. By the time these children reached 17 years, their vocabulary was classed at least as good as average, but wasn’t as good as their peers who were classed as ‘good talkers’ when they were young. Late talkers performed poorly in tasks that involved ‘verbal memory’; listening to words, sentences or numbers and being able to repeat them back.
The conference also heard from experts about how speech interaction with others is crucial when toddlers are learning to talk. The experts also reiterated that TV or DVDs are no substitute for hearing words being spoken and children being able to respond to them.
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What is on the list?
The words that the experts say the average two year old should know are:
Thank you
Show hat
All gone
Bye Bye

If you are worried your child's speech isn't developing at a normal rate, speak to your GP about it who can give you guidance on what is normal and what isn't. Leave a comment below if you think this list is a good idea or if you think it puts more pressure on parents and children at a young age.

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