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These Uncomfortable Deeds Will Pay Off Forever by Dr. Travis Bradberry

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These Uncomfortable Deeds Will Pay Off Forever

T.S. Eliot was clearly onto something when he asked, “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” The very act of stepping outside of your comfort zone is critical to your success and well-being.
Our brains are wired such that it’s difficult to take action until we feel at least some stress and discomfort. In fact, performance peaks when we’re well out of our comfort zone. If you’re too comfortable your performance suffers from inaction, and if you move too far outside of your comfort zone you melt down from stress.
Peak performance and discomfort go hand in hand. Stepping outside of your comfort zone makes you better, and it doesn’t have to be something as extreme as climbing Mount Everest. It’s the everyday challenges that push your boundaries the most, none of which require a flight to Nepal. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace these challenges.
Get up early. Unless you’re a morning person, getting up earlier than usual can take you way out of your comfort zone. However, if you get up well before you have to start getting ready for work, it’s worth it. It gives you an opportunity to collect your thoughts and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead, rather than just dashing from one activity to another. It also gives you the opportunity to eat a good breakfast and exercise, both of which have well-known health benefits.
Accomplish an “impossible” goal. Few things compare to the exhilaration of accomplishing something that you didn’t think you were capable of. These achievements fall so far outside of your comfort zone that they seem impossible. Maybe it’s running a marathon or giving a keynote speech at a convention. These accomplishments are worth every bit of suffering you endure to achieve them because once you finally do it, you feel invincible and carry that triumph with you forever.
Meditate. It’s easy to get stuck in your comfort zone when you’re so busy that you don’t slow down enough to really think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Meditation is a great way to break this cycle and also happens to be very good for your brain. Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar found that meditation creates important physical changes in your brain. It increases brain density in areas responsible for self-control, focus, problem-solving, flexibility, and resilience. Best of all, these changes are lasting.
Focus on one thing at a time. Focusing completely on a single task is a big risk—the risk of failing at something to which you’ve given your all. That’s why it’s so uncomfortable. The alternative—multitasking—is a real productivity killer. Research conducted at Stanford confirms that multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time. The researchers found that people who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information cannot pay attention, recall information, or switch from one job to another as well as those who complete one task at a time. When you try to do two things at once, your brain lacks the capacity to perform both tasks successfully. When you spread yourself too thin and chase after every bright, shiny thing that catches your eye, you’re missing out on an important opportunity for personal growth.
Volunteer. It would be great if everyone volunteered for purely altruistic reasons, but we all have demands on our time and have to set priorities. The problem is that after a long workday, volunteering can get pushed down somewhere below watching “epic fail” videos on YouTube. Volunteering is a powerful experience that feels good and expands your network at the same time. Have you ever met anyone who made volunteering a priority and wasn’t changed for the better by the experience? Neither have I.
Practice public speaking. You’ve likely heard that the majority of people fear public speaking more than death. In fact, 74 percent of Americans have glossophobia (the fancy word for a fear of public speaking). So, yes, it’s a challenge. It’s also worth it. Whether you’re addressing five people around a table or an audience of five thousand, becoming a better public speaker can be a huge boon to your career.
Talk to someone you don’t know. Unless you’re an extreme extrovert—or a politician—talking to new people probably makes you at least somewhat uncomfortable. Do it anyway. Social interaction is good for your mood (even when you don’t like it), expands your network, exposes you to new ideas, and boosts your self-confidence.
Bite your tongue. Sure, it can feel so good to unload on somebody and let them know what you really think, but that good feeling is temporary. What happens the next day, the next week, or the next year? It’s human nature to want to prove that you’re right, but it’s rarely effective. In conflict, unchecked emotion makes you dig your heels in and fight the kind of battle that can leave you and the relationship severely damaged. When you read and respond to your emotions, you’re able to choose your battles wisely and only stand your ground when the time is right. The vast majority of the time, that means biting your tongue.
Say no. Research conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, showed that the more difficulty that you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression. Saying no is indeed a major challenge for many people. No is a powerful word that you should not be afraid to wield. When it’s time to say no, avoid phrases such as I don’t think I can or I’m not certain. Saying no to a new commitment honors your existing commitments and gives you the opportunity to successfully fulfill them. When you learn to say no, you free yourself from unnecessary constraints and free up your time and energy for the important things in life.
Quit putting things off. Change is hard. Self-improvement is hard. Scrounging up the guts to go for what you want is hard, and so is the work to make it happen. When things are hard, it’s always easier to decide to tackle them tomorrow. The problem is that tomorrow never comes. Saying you’ll do it tomorrow is just an excuse, and it means that either you don’t really want to do it or that you want the results without the hard work that comes along with it.

Bringing It All Together

Staying in your comfort zone means stagnation. Just as an oyster only makes a pearl when it’s irritated by a grain of sand, no one has ever accomplished anything remarkable when comfortable.

What kind of code should an Architect write? by Swapnonil Mukherjee

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What kind of code should an Architect write?

What kind of code should an architect write or rather What kind of code CAN an architect write?
A lot of people perceive an architect to be a detached entity perched high up on an ivory tower with little or no interest in what is happening down below in the bazaar.  The reality however is that architects can and do write a whole lot of code. I give you some specific examples.
Domain Specific Frameworks
Even though generic frameworks like Spring, Play, RoR, Django exist in each stack, there is still a need to bake in the domain on top of such frameworks and build what is essentially a domain specific framework. Such frameworks  create the core entities, their life-cycles and the business constraints under which those entities operate. They are effective in ensuring that large code bases conform to a single architectural and design style and use a set of common libraries for common tasks. Architects, because they interact with business closely are in an unique position to create such domain specific frameworks. These frameworks don't have to exist on Day 0. They can be re-factored from existing code as well.

Test Harnesses
The testing landscape is extremely fragmented today. Some use functional testing as their primary quality assurance mechanism while some are innovating to the extent of using deep learning and other such clever algorithms to find bugs faster. An architect is in a unique position to understand the testing needs of a project and for example decide between Cucumber or Fitnesse.  They can create test fixtures and test runners and lay down a common set of mechanisms to conduct unit and integration test. Developers can then plug their data and tests into those fixtures rather than assembling everything from scratch.
In a similar vein they can also create Performance Test harnesses and write code that establishes effective Benchmarks for critical sections of the code. 

Automation and Engineering Process Improvement
Automation can be anything that removes manual and error prone tasks. There is gradle, jenkins, chef, puppet, docker and a multitude of such tools that can be used to develop automation frameworks. I recently developed a jenkins plugin that could run a Sonar diff between builds and show the issues added and their severity between any two consecutive builds.

Skeletal Architectures
Skeletal architectures or Just Enough Architecture as I would like to call them is essentially a set of smallest viable components wired together end to end simulating one or many important use cases.  They are really helpful in creating and validating the integration architecture of the would be system. The architect who designed the solution in the first place is in an unique position to also build a bare bones version of it and prove to the world that it really works!

Proof of Concepts for Architecture Validation
We architects propose new libraries and frameworks all the time. To reduce the risk of failure in incorporating those libraries it may be necessary to build proof of concepts to prove that those shiny new frameworks are fit for the purpose. This also something that an architect with probably a few developers can build.
Master Coders
The major piece of code that an architect doesn't write are the actual business use cases. But he reviews them , if required corrects them and ensures that they conform to overall architecture, design patterns and the business constraints of the domain. In effect he also plays the role of a Master Coder.
So what about Solution Architects that don't code at all? I too have been on assignments where I have only been asked to draw boxes and lines. But those roles are slowly but surely dying out. I am seeing the role of an Architect more or less morphing into something more like a Principal Engineer. But that doesn't mean design is dead. It isn't. There is still value in the Software  Architecture Development and Documentation process and it should remain the the bread and butter for any Architect. However with architecture itself becoming a commodity (how are the boxes in my mobile-web or big data architecture different than yours mobile-web or big data architecture?) just drawing boxes and lines isn't going to cut it for too long. 
By writing code Architects can bring a lot of extra value to a team. That's exactly what I have been doing. It is just that people don't seem to understand what my role is.

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Good foods at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

The following are collection of hotels, eateries, bakeries, Ice cream parlours, mess and even Kai yenthi bhavans, which could be given a try.

Costliest but too good to resist...
1. That's Y Food, TV Swamy Road (E), R.S.Puram.
2. Fodder Factory (Spanish and Mexican dishes), Trichy Road, Ramanathapuram.
3. Little Italy/Little China (Italian and Chinese food), opp. sungam cinthamani, near krishna sweets.
4. Venu Biryani (non.veg.)- 11th street, crosscut, gandhipuram (not so good nowadays as in Dindugal as per our biryani expert Sathish Prabhu!!).
5. For Fish Kebabs and Tikkas visit 'Afghan Grill' and for Chinese 'Chin Chin' both at The Residency.
Costlier but shouldn't miss..
1. Peiking (chinese) - voc park and rspuram (try Veg Balls in HOt Garlic sauce)
2. China Valley - sungam, opp. to stanes info.
3. China Town - saibaba colony
4. Shahi Grill - peelamedu opp. to tech. shanthi theater.
5. Arabian Fried Chicken. Situated @ Race Course, Thomas Park (Near Baskin 32 Robbins). Its a famous chain of restaurant in UAE and now in India.
6. For dinner buffet, choice is Alankar Grande.
Typical South:
1. Dosa Plaza (claims to have the world's widest menu in dosas, with over 27 trade-marked dosas, nearly 104 types of dosas) 48, T.V. Samy Road West, R.S. Puram, also opened its first outlet in New Zealand..!!
2. Ganapathy tiffin center, townhall, opp. annaporna
3. Idly Hut: - famous for idlis , Location : Rajaji Street, Near Kannan Departmental store & Next to Krishna Sweets.
4. Anna poorna Gowrishankar. Particularly the one near People's Park, the cauliflower roast there is yummy.
5. Chitanya - Andhra Restaurant - situated @ Cowley Brown Road opposite to Central Theater. They serve authentic Andhra dishes with spicy chicken and meals with special andhra flavor.
Fits the purse and good too:
1. Nakshatra - Bharathi Park, Seventh Cross Street, Sai Baba Colony (decent for north Indian food)
2. Ritu chinese fastfood - kkpudur
3. Burma baai parota stall (voc grounds fame) - started a hotel with good ambiance and providing food with A/C. Its near SNR college.
4. Chilli parotas are best in Aryaas and Anandhas.
5. Sangeethas Restaurant near rly station.
6. Hotel Vevina (combination of North and South Indian Menu with some chinese dishes) opp. to Tirupur Textiles, avinashi road and adjacent to Noodle King.
7. Green Day - multicusine restaurant @ Kaai Kadai Bus Stop near Lakshmi Mills. They server all chettinad, chinese, and south indian dishes. They operate from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
8. PanchaRathna - pure veg. restaurant, ramanathapuram, opposite to Alvenia School, bit inside the small way in.
9. Salem Ravichandran Tiffins (Spl in Jain Foods) Pure VEG. - Place for Sevai Lovers - #12 Venkatachalam Street (West), R.S. Puram.
10. Shivanjali (Vadavalli) for Malaysian veg items.
11. Krishna Hall - opposite to P.N. Palayam Perumal Kovil. The road opposite to women's polytechnic. The place is open only in the evenings from 7 to 11 PM. Until 7 or 7.30 there ll b less crowd but after that u have to wait outside. The place is really superb. The ambience is decent and it is pure veg, since it is located in a temple building.
12. Anandha's Chetinad, near the DSP office is great.
13. Sugam Bhairavi - Saibaba Colony and RS Puram are too gud.
14. Mallu food @ Malabar- Ram Nagar/Gandhipuram,
15. Hotel Chillis(new one), opp to Avila Convent.
One Shop - One Item:
1. Lakshmi Narayana - Varadharajapuram near Singanallur Bus Stand a shop well known for its Parotta and Kuruma. This shop even got a space with Anadha Vikatan's Review about the hotels.
2. Geetha Restaurant, opp. to BSNL head office. Parotas here can compete with annapoorna, aryaas etc..
3. HariBhavan's Egg fried rice.
4. Tandoori Parotta at Majestic(Nehru Stadium).
5. Bahadur parotas (deep fried in oil) are crispy.. its best at Raja biryani centre @ 100 ft. road and hotel chola @ poomarket.
6. Try out Kamala Chickens near Jose studios, 100 feet road, there the grill chickens are too gud.
7. Fish curry meals at Malabar opposite to Ashoka Plaza near Central Bus stand.
8. New sea food restaurant has been started at Hopes College Bus Stop near Petrol Pump. They serve fish curry meals for Rs 60/- for lunch and they provide fish fry starting from Rs 35/- to 70 Rs. They also open the counter in the mornings selling fish. Fish biriyani equal to Venu's but cheaper than Venu's.
9. As a measure in marketing Sea Foods our Tamilnadu Govt. has taken steps in promoting sea foods with specialized stalls directly from the Fisheries Department named NEITHAL. Neithal is situated exactly at the Power House Ground. They operate from 11 a.m. till 11 p.m.
Little Known Resorts..
1. Benz Vacation club is one place near perur.
2. Tamara Resort @ Karunya next to Alandurai on the way to Kovai Kutralam. Its from Pricol Group.
3. Black Thunder resorts
Dhaba's or highway restaurant..
1. Ramdev Bhojan kudil or Ramdev Highway Dhaba - On your way to avinashi from coimbatore, you can find Maharaja Theme Park on your right after you cross that you can find SP apparels on your right after that you can find a petrol bunk (HP) on the same right hand side.You can find Ramdev Bhojan Kudil immediately after the petrol bunk. It is not too big, a small one, but a good one for a North Indian foodie. You guys can try that especially the tandoori roti and onion with green chilli chutney.
2. Blue Bell: Opposite to Kumaran Kotam on the way to Sulur, there is a Dhaba Style restaurant, just opp to the temple.
3. Seven Colours - L&T byepass road from chindamanipudur to echanari extension, best for HYD Chicken.
4. Kishkinta is another Dhaba sytle restaurant in karumathampatti.(Kishkinda Restaurant situated @ NH 47 just before you enter karumathampatti)
5. Sun Dhaba at Neelamboor is another one, but drinkers fill the place almost.
6. On the way to podanoor from Ramanathapuram, you can find a dhaba restaurant near Parsan's Apartment.
7. Thirumoorthi tea stall, popularly known as Dosai Kadai- is the place @ Avinashi, taste the DOSAS and Chutney's they serve, situated in the main road on the right side when you go to avinashi from Coimbatore. Its between old bustand and new bustand on the right hand side near a small temple after you cross old bus stand.
8. Ocean Restaurant near sulur.
1. Annapoorna's sambar vadai and coffee (avoid the Annaporna near the central bus stand)
2. Sri Krishna Sweets mysurpa, and rasa malai (avoid Sri Krishna Sweet House)
3. Bread Boyz - all types of sandwiches and rolls (near Lakshmi Mills just opposite to Leiden), specializing in Grilled sandwiches.
4. Leiden Food Joint - chicken steak burger is famous, near Lakshmi mills.
5. Subway - famous for fried/pizzas/chevarma/grill
6. Burger Hub - try double cheese chicken burger, jumbo chicken burger(extra cheese)
7. "Unni Maya" near ramanathapuram - famous for panipuri and masala puri.
8. Priya fast foods in 10th street is good
9. 'Kandan kadai'- shop is at the junction of Big Bazaar street and Karuppa Gounder street - One of the oldest Pani puri shop, It has a very large clientele.
10. The shop on the way from R.G.Street to Teppakulam steet. Just 3rd or 4th shop when you turn from RG street. Give a try for Thayirvadai Puri. This too has a very large crowd, but the owner is very friendly and knows everyone's taste.
11. Agarwall Bhavan;(i) DB road (ii) Tv swamy Road (iii) Navindia --Spl- mix chat and Badam Milk
12. Food garden, TV swamy Road signal Corner --Spl-Veg Bheal
13. Chil and Chilly, Db Road - --Spl-Pav Bhaj &Grape Juce
14. Bhel Puri Shop, TV Swamy Road in the Corner Opp to Thats Y Food -- Spl- masala cutlet and dry cutlet
15. The original and first Bhel Puri Shop of Coimbatore; Babu's Bhel
16. Rich Food at D.B.road. - pav bhaji and pani pori are awesome at rich food..
17. Adayar Aanandha Bhavan - Dhahi Poori and Chilled Dhahi Poori
18. Kannan Department's chats tastes good.
19. Gangotree, behind nilgriris,(Place where Baristta was located) and now also at rspuram, is a new chat place.
Its a place where you can get short eats and chat items and samosas tastes good.
It is a famous chain from Chennai and they provide foods with excellent taste. Its a good alternative for Nilgiris for Chaats.
20. Agra Chat Palace @ the cut parallel to Archana/Darshana Theaters.
21. Calcutta chaat at the end of the lane adjacent to That's Y Food and the masala thumsup is an extra recommendation in that shop.
22. Cafe coffee day - Chocolate fantasy with vennila ice cream
23. Donuts (near Little Italy)-Puffs - little bit costly.
24. Arc phel puri shop - Thayir poori, sharja drink and all milkshakes, Saibaba colony
25. JM bakes - Japanese cakes and piece cakes in packet.
26. Hot Chocolate - avinashi road
1. Gokila Akka Catering, it is in Bajina koil street ,off Vysial street, you will get the best Thaatavadai, Nippattu and Kai muruku.
2. Try Butter muruku at A2B
3. Masala peanuts at Annapoorana
4. Spl Mixture at Krishana sweets
5. Bannana chips at A1.


1. Boomerang - Black Forest Dream. Black Forest topped with vennila and another layer of black forest topped with fresh cream and nuts, also try try Lime flavour with choco chips.
2. Cafe Day - chocolate fantasy with vennila ice cream.
3. SOFTY's at kannan dept store.
4. Glacier Park at cross cut.
5. Hokey Pokey, exactly opposite to Krishna Sweets, Hope College
6. M & M - near landmark in Lakshmi mills, it is a kind of Natural ice cream.. it is good.
7. DBC- Death By Chocolate. A new ice cream shop @ R.S. Puram. Near THAT's Y FOOD (where Pusti restaurant was before).
8. Baskin 31 Robbins @ Race Course, thomas park, (where barishta once was). Also new branch at RS Puram, it is located at srenivasa Ragavan street, this place is just back side of the RS puram AXIS Bank branch.
9. Pure & Naturals at Nehru Stadium. It is one of the places where you get very good salades and snacks, it is a bit costly and of course you get what you pay for.
10. Seasons, RS Puram.
11. Priya Bakes, near cheran book house,townhall. They have some unusual fruit drink mixings and a great falood.
12. FRUIT O FOREST, TV Saamy Road(E) in R.S. Puram, just opposite to THATS Y FOOD. Its a good one.
13. Palamudhir's Juice shop in Peelamedu is called CITRUS. Most of the items available in Pure & Natural and Seasons coincide with the menu available here.
14. SUPER SCOOPS - New destination for Fresh Juice, Shakes, Smoothies, Ice Creams, Salads, and snacks.
It is located at RS Puram near Just Born Kids Shop. Super Scoops is located underground near the complex.
1. BKR(or BCR, check it out) beeda - Near flower market road, R.S.Puram, the road opposite to Aaryas, @ Home showroom road, you can find a good BEEDA stall which actually got much varieties like Strawberry beeda, Chocklate Beeda, Special Beeda, Sweet Beeda, Fruit Beeda, Rose Beeda, Gulkand Beeda, and all 420 stuffs.
2. At RS Puram, opposite to the Petrol Bunk in DB Road, near the Fruit Shop, opposite to Planet Fashion showroom. There you can get Good Beeda's. Nicely prepared.
3. Gandhipuram, shop near Singapore Plaza Rayappas.
4. Kock Ra Ko R.S. Puram, in front of that restaurant there is a guy named PAANDI having a beeda stall, he prepares good Beeda.

Cakes and confectioneries..
1. JM Bakes - Here the cake is much dense and too soft. You cant find much varieties here, but the taste and density of the cake is good here.
2. Baker's Corner - The best cake shop in coimbatore, but the things is not affordable for common people.
3. Coffee Days' - The best BLACK FOREST you can try it here.
4. Hot Chocolate - Price wise not worthy for the stuff they provide.
5. Iyengar's RS Puram
6. Try the biscuits and Tea cakes at Balaji Bakery opp Coimbatore Corporation.
7. Carrot and Date Cake @ That's Y Food. U can find this in the desert menu of 'That's Y food'.... it tastes yummy with icecream.
8. Chockochoza in RS Puram.
9. The Donuts, near krishna sweets, sungam cinthamani.
Some more collections on sweets..
1. Khaju Khatri in Agarwals.
2. Soan papdi at Bombay Anand Bhavan.
3. Gelabi @ Surya Sweets, Peelamedu, near psg tech.
4. Akkaara adisal prepared by Vysial street Murugan is the best. (A adisal can be roughly translated as kalkandu soRu and is a vaishnavaite dish)
5. Ordinary mixture - Nelli Lala.
6. Adhirasam - Krishna Sweets, Adayar anandha bavan, adhirasam and Ellu urundai from annaporna sweets - not the one affiliated to Gowrishankar group (opp. to peelamedu shanthi theatre)
7. Balaji Sweets - It is situated at pappampati pirivu, trichy road. (little adjacent to selvaraja mills) They are in field abt 25 years it seems.
They make laddu, gelabi, mysurpa, bhadusha and mixture. None of the sweet stall can beat their taste, they have no advertisement or any other branch but they are the best in this area.
8. Vada Pav: At Agarwal sweets on DB road (near arryas), Adayar Aanandha Bhavan, a small road side shop opposite to That's Y food, and the road backside to Vasan eye care, there is a small shop, you can find vada pav there too.
Should give a try to these also...
1. The Kaiyendhi Bhavan at SGSY complex townhall, run by selfhelp groups. It is near the town hall clock tower.
2. There is a shop near Gandhipark roundana, just close to the Park there. You can get virudunagar parotta.
3. One Near Puliyakulam Vinayagar Temple is too good. Its just opposite to the temple in the cut "on the way to sowripalayam". The shop name is Raju Home Foods. too god to resist.
4. Alankar biriyani center in 1st street , gandhipuram
5. Dosa's , near Poo Market ( archana theatre ) we have got many dosa points like Village where we will get different kinds of Dosa's like Cholam Dosa, Ragi, Garlic, and Panner.
6. Anandhas Chettinad, Gopalapuram. near shanthi theater, behind court.
7. Valar Chicken Outlet @ Burial Ground R.S. Puram.
8. Virdunagar Chembas @ Cross cut road -- A hotel with dishes you cant find anywhere other than VIRUDUNAGAR. They are famous for Virudunagar Kolzhi kolambu and Virudunagar parthas. Its a wonderful place to have a spicy rich lunch, opp. to lalitha hospital..
9. Angannan Pulavu Unavagam @ Variety Hall Road.
10. Hari Bhavan @ RTO office road.
11. Achi Mess @ Power house and Madurai Amma Mess @ Power house
12. At Townhall known as Ajmer Briyani Mess.
13. Muthu Rawther Hotel and Aabitha Hotel are two popular non.veg. hotels inside Kottaimedu area, situated on Kottai Easwaran Kovil Road, where you can get somewhat delicious Biriyani, Parotta and Idiyaappam-Paaya varieties.
14. Indian Kitchen, Thudialur road, after SNS college
15. Mookambikai mess at Edayar st,townhall area, very old mess ,this mess there for past 10+ yrs,they r famous for fish curry,fish fry,prawn etc.and all r in kerala style,dnt miss it.
16. Opposite to amman temple,deep end karikadai erakam,a small mess.
17. Valayapatti is located next to HEAD POST OFFICE. Its called Rathna Residency. You can find three restaurants there. Valayapatti, Fusion, and Palms.

Famous North Indian Bhojanalayas:
1. Ambika Gujarathi Bhojanalaya - next door to Elite Furniture Showroom, and slightly opposite to Angannan Hotel. It must be more than 5 decades old.
2. Murali Restaurant at Edayar Street, just across Oppanakkara Street is a very old eatery too. Everyone should try Murali's chappathi.
3. Kailas Hotel, next to Deerjlal Mithaiwala.
4. Marwadi Bhojanalaya is another old joint where you could get Rajasthani food, strictly veg. Just a few shops from Dheerajlal Mithaiwala, you can locate this at Oppanakkara Street.
5. There is a Bhojanalaya in Cross-Cut Road somewhere between Pavizham and Lakshmi Complex. You have to get the small board saying Gujarati Bhojanalaya with a small pathway.
6. Ambika Bhojanalaya in a cut opposite to Saravana Electronics in Edayar Street(near Oppanakara Street).
7. Bhojanalaya in Oppanakara Street near Dhirijlal Ratnavel's exact location is, just a 5 shops from Murali Restaurant and the opposite side,
before the Jain temple.
8. North Indian veg dishes @ Delhiwala-Ram Nagar.

Visit all the above said Bhojanalayas and take diversion from all those fried rice and noodles.

Restaurants losing its sheen:(better avoided)

1. 'The Village' near Rex Hospital
2. Velu Naachiyar - Chettinad Restaurant near Collector Office in the old post office road.
3. Rayappas (both branches)
4. Afras - behind Nilgiris
5. Valar Chicken at rspuram
6. Four Seasons
7. Green Park - Multi Cuisine Restaurant- Cowley Brown Road (W) R.S. Puram. (The price tag each food carries is really high for the quality they provide)
8. Bharma Bhai branch of Saravanampatti.
9. Anjali Group of Hotels (before 5 years one of the biggest chain of Restaurants in Coimbatore City, now became worse especially one at Hope College.They were the first to introduce Shwarma and Grill Chicken in Coimbatore before 5 years)
10. Laalgudi, crosscut road.
11. Valen Hotels, Rajaji Street, Ram Nagar (recently opened), but it seems okay at its main branch in tiruppur.
12. Guru Amudaas - vegetarian hotel in Saravanampatti
13. Seethapani in Saravanampatti.