Friday, September 11, 2009

Running operating system inside a Virtual PC with specific date/time

Manually change the .vmc file:

The .vmc files contain the configuration of each virtual machine.

You have to make 2 changes in the right .vmc file:
A. Disable the time synchronization:
Under the following mouse configuration:


Add this:falseB. Set the desired date/time:You have to find the time_bytes value inside the .vmc file, which looks like this one:27003200110001201008After finding it, set the desired date/time value according to the following specification:Digits 1 - 2 contain the seconds value.Digits 5 - 6 contain the minutes value.Digits 9 - 10 contain the hours value.Digits 15 - 16 contain the day value.Digits 17 - 18 contain the month value.Digits 19 - 20 contain the year value.In the above example, the date/time value is 11:32:27, 20/10/2008After making the above 2 changes, save the .vmc file, and the guest operating system will start in the same date/time that you set in the time_bytes value.

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