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Exercise to Remain Young

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There is no doubt about the fact that exercise is one of the best ways to remain young. Not only will it help to improve your health but it will also help to make you look a lot younger. By including some resistance training in your exercise regime it will help to tighten and firm the muscles of your body, including those on your face and this is one of the reasons why you will look younger.

Even 20 minutes of exercise three times a week will do a lot towards helping you look and feel a lot younger. Exercise improves circulation and circulation is an important factor in maintaining good skin. By maintaining a better skin condition you will inherently look a lot younger as poor skin condition is one of the sure signs that you are aging. The increased circulation that is brought about from exercise raises the temperature of the blood and pushes it towards the surface of the skin.

In doing so it carries more oxygen and nutrients to the skin giving you a healthier glowing complexion. The additional blood that the exercise will bring to the surface of the skin reduces the degeneration of the skin cells and the breakdown of collagen. By reducing the degeneration and helping with the production of collagen, exercise slows down the aging of the skin and in particular the 'bagginess' and slackness that comes with age. Doing the correct exercise will also help you to maintain a better posture.

One of the best forms of exercise for helping with your posture is yoga. Yoga not only helps with the suppleness of your body through stretching the muscles but it also improves your strength and posture as well as helping you to achieve a better state of mind and relaxation.

All of these benefit your overall health and help to reduce the aging process.

Secrets For Maintaining Healthy Skin, Hair And Nails

Use Soap on Select Areas of the Body to Avoid Dryness
“Unless you have really oily skin, because you are a teenager or work with oils or gases, you do not need soap to get yourself clean. Pure water does the job to get you clean. However, you do need to use soap on your face, under your arms, and in the groin area. As you get older, the use of soap on the rest of your body can unnecessarily dry your skin.”

Don’t Smoke! It Causes Wrinkles
Wear Sunscreen! It Prevents Wrinkles
Your Skin Reflects What You Eat
Do As Little As Possible to Your Hair
Dermatologists Can Help Turn Back the Hands of Time

5 Tips for Maintaining Luminous Skin

* Drink lots of water – and while you're at it, don't skip the tea.

If you make only one change in 2009, start drinking a few more glasses of water each day. When your body is well-hydrated, it can do the work of repairing free-radical damage and getting rid of toxins sans impediment. Amp up your liquid intake even more by adding a daily cup or two of tea – especially green tea. It's a tasty way to stay hydrated, and it packs a proven antioxidant punch that has had scientists singing its praises for years. Tea - truly a guilt free indulgence.

* Eat colorful foods.

Colorful foods like tomatoes and berries usually make their way into our diets because they taste good. The good news is that they also pack a tremendous antioxidant punch, so much so that the USDA has developed a scale to measure the antioxidant power of various fruits and vegetables. The top winners? Cinnamon, berries, apples and beans. This is good news, because the potent phytochemicals in these foods protect your skin from the damaging influences of cigarette smoke, sun-exposure and free-radicals.

* Load up on foods that contain good fat.

Give your skin a lift by including the right kinds of fat in your diet. Good fats that come from foods like avocados, nuts, olive oil, fish and especially flax seeds are the building blocks to healthy skin. As an added bonus, these foods are also high in skin damage-fighting antioxidants.

* Take your vitamins.

It's no coincidence that the best vitamins for your skin are also the best cancer-fighting antioxidants. Look for a formula that includes beta-carotene, Vitamins C, E, B-complex, biotin, lutein and zinc.* But don't put that into your body! Avoiding smoking is a no-brainer for beautiful skin. But what about sugar, red meat and dairy products? A good rule of thumb is to replace animal fats in your diet with the high quality vegetable and fish fats I mentioned earlier. The more natural your diet, the better off your skin will be – that means avoiding preservatives and artificial colorings, and limiting your alcohol intake to no more than 1-2 drinks per day.

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