Saturday, January 12, 2013

8 easy rituals to add meaning to every day

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Light a candle

Lighting candles at mealtime naturally quiets things down and encourages reflection. (Unless your kids are toddlers or pyromaniacs, of course.)


Give thanks

Expressing gratitude before you eat -- such a simple way to pause. No need to include religion if that's not your thing

Friday night dessert

We make Friday nights special by serving a treat. It encourages our kids to invite friends over instead of making plans, and it takes dessert out of the "daily" realm and into the "special."


Change of venue

Dinner in the living room. Sleepover in the basement. "Predictable variety" is exciting.


Weekly family fun night

Movie night, game night, quiet reading night...whatever you enjoy.


Scheduled phone calls

Regular calls to the grandparents or far-flung friends maintains connections and adds rhythm to the week.


Coming of age rituals

Monthly growth chart recordings, weekly allowance...these small actions let a kid know she's growing up.


10-minute bedside chat

Even my teen still loves this nightly ritual. Many observations of the day come out at this time.

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