Saturday, April 8, 2017

Transformation: Setting goals with vision is important

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Most of the Organization transformations are successful successes or successful failures. The important point, I would like to highlight is to learn from the failures as an organization, rather than leaving all the failures.
In this article, would like to highlight the 4 important steps, that could be established by a transformation goal and continuously monitor and improve the business agility.
  1. Long-term vision: similiar to a product backlog concept, the long-term vision helps us to define at least 1year to 5year vision of the Product / Organization's plan to its employees and teams.
  2. Short-term goals: short-term goals are very important to provide working software, feedback on the long-term vision from Market, customers, internal employees and teams.
  3. Strategy to achieve these short-term goals: strategy needs to be agile (i.e., Be Agile) approach to the short-term goals, to align with long-term vision. since the long-term vision is not a heavy upfront planning exercise, the short-term goals, like iterations - using cadence and continuous flow approaches (i.e., Scrum, Kanban & XP and other agile practices) provide Transparency, Inspect & Adapt.
  4. Structure of the organization needs to be in sync with strategy, that is, the team structure, the inter-dependencies between teams, support teams needs to have a agile structure to be quick and effective - to be efficient in delivering working software and product improvements.
Long-term vision, Short-term goals, Strategy, Structure are very important for a successful transformation.

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