Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Curing / Fighting Cancer in natural way

I thought of writing a article for a long time on this, Just now I got some time.

Recently, I have come across various cancer curing/ Fighting medicinal leaf or flowers, Used by surroundings who gets good results with undergoing Chemo treatment.

1st Medicine

Nithyakalyani | Sadabahar Flower | Rosy Periwinkle | Madagascar Periwinkle

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Two Canadian scientists, when they heard that periwinkle was used to treat diabetics by traditional healers, started experimenting on the extract of the plant. But what they found interesting was that the extract killed all their cell cultures. With further research they isolated the two alkaloids that were the cause for the decrease in the blood cell count and after extensive laboratory studies, drugs were developed and now are used all over the world for treating certain kinds of cancer. The two powerful alkaloids present in Madagascar periwinkle are called vincristine and vinblastine. When extracted and purified, they cure cancers like Hodgkin disease, leukemia etc. The drugs gives positive results for large amount of patients and many patients fully recover with the medicines.

Referred Links - http://www.nisaptham.com/2016/10/blog-post_84.html

In South India esp at Tamilnadu, This flower is commonly found in road side and hills,

How to useIn Tamil - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBSESq4FXRM

தினமும் நித்யகல்யாணி பூவை கொதிக்க வெச்சு கொடுங்க.

Steps - Take 10 Flowers with 150 ML of water and boil it until 100 ML (10 Min)

2nd Medicine - Graviola / Sour soup Leaf and Fruit

10 Leafs of Gravoila can be boiled and used on daily basis which will give best results.

Luckily I'm able to locate one of the farm who does in Coimbatore.

They are charging Rs 150 for 100 leaf. As per Jun 2016 rate. I see online it is more.

Fruit is seasonal one, So it will be available on seasons. When it is mixed with hot water and consumed as Juice, will result in good hungry for cancer patients.


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