Monday, November 16, 2015

Be the “Boss” of Your Time by Kelly Redcay

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Be the “Boss” of Your Time

"What I need is someone who will make me do what I can." 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all need to be that someone for ourselves! 
I am on a work hiatus. It wasn’t exactly intentional, but having just made a very big move from Connecticut to Florida and seeing two kids off to college, I had my hands full with enough other things that finding my new perfect job took the back seat.
Now, I’m ready to get back to work!
The great thing about a move is that in the process you get to reinvent yourself, discover new interests, new restaurants, start great new habits (like watching sunsets at the beach, and going to the gym 3-4 days a week.) And the great thing about life, even if you haven’t just moved, is that you can reinvent yourself absolutely anytime!
So, I’m off to a good start with my new me, and I’ve been creating new routines, doing a lot of writing and reading - and today, I decided to make a list for myself, to remind me that I can #BeTheBoss of my time, every day, by remembering a few things to help me keep day under control, and not let distractions get the best of me:
Tried and True Time Management Tips That I Practice:
  1. “Be the boss” of  technology. (For example, I plan to look at social media sites once or twice a day, and I have a set time limit in mind for doing so.
  2. Create daily goals and put them in writing, as well as long term goals with timelines. (This is the best way for me to stay accountable! If it’s written down, I can’t ignore or forget it.)
  3. If it’s important, absolutely put it into a calendar. (The best possible way for me to forget something is to forget to schedule time for it!)
  4. Always look for new opportunities in unexpected places. (I’ve stumbled into jobs in the most unexpected ways!)
  5. Be friendly and meet new people, networking doesn’t only need happen in structured professional places. (You never know when your neighbor, (maybe he’s the CEO) will be looking to grow his team!
  6. Try to learn something new. You can read about something new that you are interested in or that you think you “Should” know – like “What is Snapchat and why should I care?” Or ask someone to tell you about something new that they just learned. (I love to broaden my horizons!) 
  7. Thank yourself for what you have done! (Every accomplishment counts!)

About the Author

Kelly Redcay has worked in public relations, the hospitality industry, on television sets, and in a variety of office settings, and is now excited to begin her next professional adventure. She loves to be continually learning and growing as a person and a professional. In work and in life, her happiest times are those spent writing, engaging with others on social media, learning about new technology, reading and traveling the world whenever possible.

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