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How to retain top talent by Katie Nunez

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How to retain top talent

Are your employees satisfied? Do they feel fulfilled, utilized and appreciated? Are they planning to stick around or will they jump at the first competitive offer that comes along?
According to Jobvite, 51% of employed workers are either actively seeking [a new job] or open to one. That means there's a good chance your employees might not be as satisfied and loyal as you think.
Understanding your employee's perspective can go a long way towards increasing productivity and happiness. 
- Kathryn Minshew
Research suggest that workers are willing to wander, even when employed, but that doesn't mean you should give up hope just yet. Follow three easy steps to learn how to retain top talent or go down trying.

1. Reward success (even the little stuff)

Everyone wants to feel like what they're doing is actually making a difference. Reward employee contribution. Rewards don't have to be financial; in fact, a recent study indicates recognition has greater potential for employee satisfaction then simple (financial) reward. Sometimes an attaboy (exclamation a piece of encouragement or congratulations) goes a long way toward making employees feel appreciated and valuable.

2. Encourage professional development

Provide employees with access to the tools they need to be successful. Then go a step farther and provide them with learning opportunities to make them more successful in their current (and future) roles. Maybe you'll offer tuition reimbursement or continuing education credits. Perhaps you'll sponsor a certificate program or an online certification. Invest in your employees early and frequently to make them feel valuable. In turn they're more likely to promote up within the organization rather than out to another.

3. Make everyone feel like an asset

Companies are only as successful as the products and services they offer. But those products and services are only as good as the employees behind the scenes working diligently to create and maintain them. Find ways to engage your top talent and make them feel secure and satisfied. Maybe you'll request feedback or create an idea box for employee suggestions. Whatever the approach, you'll find yourself with a loyal group of evangelists ready to go the extra mile to ensure the business is a success.
Recruiting top talent is a lot like courting and it shouldn't stop when the employee signs the contract and agrees to come aboard. Much like courting, retaining top talent starts out by trying to impress someone but as time goes on, the glitz and glamour starts to fade and people become complacent. It's in this comfortable phase that people look around and start to gauge the competition. If you're truly investing in your employees, it is at that moment that they'll remain loyal. Employers should always work hard to ensure top talent stays happy because happy teams achieve the most success.

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