Friday, September 26, 2014

How to Write a Resume with Quality

  • Your resume should not looks lengthy. Recommended resume length is two pages
  • Headings throughout your resume should be broadly consistent
  • Font type and size should be consistent across the resume. Recommended - Verdana (9-10), Calibri (10-12), Cambria (10-12), Arial (9-11), Tahoma (9-11), Franklin Gothic Medium (10-11),Lucida Sans Unicode (9-11) or Time New Roman (9-11)
  • Type of bullet points should be consistent throughout your resume
  • Bolding should be used to highlight important content only
  • Line spacing throughout your resume should be consistent
  • Paragraphs & bullet points should be aligned properly in your resume
  • Paragraphs should not exceed 20 words
  • Length of bullet points of resume looks appropriate
  • Work experience should be listed in reverse chronological order in your resume
  • Your resume should have contain summary section or does not have enough content in summary section OR Your resume summary seems to have too much information which is effecting its readability and impact
  • Your resume should have sufficient number of sections providing better readability
  • Targeted functional area or industry should appropriately mentioned in the objective, summary or personal details section
  • Your resume should have skillset and skills are substantiated in work experience highlighting your areas of specialization
  • You should list all achievements in your resume. It is suggested that you do so to add more credibility to your achievements
  • Your resume should not have any spelling errors.
  • Your resume should not have punctuation errors related to use of commas, parenthesis, correct case, word repetition, extra space, correct use of vowels etc
  • Your resume should have sufficient keywords providing better ranking in recruiter searches
  • Your resume should have valid contact/ alternate information with ( contact number or Email ID)

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