Monday, June 23, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Service Accounts

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The SQL Server service accounts are used to run SQL Server. It is the service account for the following SQL Server services:
If you do not use the default SQL Server instance, in the Windows Services console, these services will be shown as the following:
  • SQLAgent
sp13_dev_setupThe Setup user account is used to run the following:
  • Setup
  • SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard
(Server farm account or database access account)
The server farm account is used to perform the following tasks:
  1. Configure and manage the server farm.
  2. Act as the application pool identity for the SharePoint Central Administration Web site.
  3. Run the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service.
sp13_dev_poolThis a domain account used for application pool identity. For e.g. – When you create a Web Application, and you create a pool for it, you select this account!
sp13_dev_ServicesThis a domain account used for the Service Applications Pools.  For e.g. – When you create a Managed Metadata Service application and create a pool for it, you select this account!
sp13_dev_CrawlThis used within the Search Service Application to crawl content. The Search Service Application will automatically grant this account read access on all Web Applications.
sp13_dev_SearchThis is used to run the SharePoint Windows Search Service.
sp13_dev_UserProfileThis the account used for the User Profile Synchronization between your Service Application and your Active Directory. This account does not need any local rights; however you need to give it Replicate Directory Changes rights on the Active Directory in order to allow the synchronization.

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