Sunday, May 5, 2013

SharePoint 2013 Developer Tools

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Using these tools will not only reduce the development time but will also help you to understand how fast and easy we can develop applications in SharePoint 2013. So here we go

1.       Service App Starter Kit Visual Studio 2012

Using this starter kit you will be able to develop custom service application in SharePoint 2013. For more details check this link

2.       CKS – Dev for Visual Studio 2012 and SharePoint 2013/SharePoint 2010

I am sure most of the SharePoint developer will have them but it’s still worth mentioning in my post. For more details check this link

3.       AppFabric Wrapper for Caching in SharePoint 2013

With Appfabric being mandatory while installing SharePoint 2013, we can utilize caching API for building high performance apps. For more details check this link.

4.       SharePoint Code Analysis Framework

Bunch of tools available in this framework and be sure that you don’t want to miss this. For more details check this link

5.       KnokOut Js

It’s a framework similar to JQuery which you can utilize and build apps in SharePoint. For more details check this link

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