Sunday, July 8, 2012

Creating Unique ID for Sharepoint Infopath Form

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This Article shows how to create a unique ID on Sharepoint Infopath Form 

The Now() function will return the following type of date and time format: 2008-05-30T15:12:20

The function will come up with Ch1108288710.  A long number but it is a reliable sequence of number for the next 99 years. 


Set condition: filename is blank:


Set Action 1: Set field’s value filename = concat (Myfield, now()):

Use field on the form i.e., contactName, followed by the function now() to add the date & time and give the form a unique name.


You can also rely on the exact date and time.

concat(substring(., 1, 2), concat(substring(now(), 3, 2), substring-before(substring-after(today(), "-"), "-"), substring-after(substring-after(today(), "-"), "-")), normalize-space(string(number(substring(now(), 12, 2)) * 3600 + number(substring(now(), 15, 2)) * 60 + number(substring(now(), 18, 2)) * 1)))

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