Monday, June 11, 2012

Creating a people picker form in infopath 2010

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Creating The Form

Open InfoPath 2010


Select SharePoint List and click Design Form

You will now be asked to complete a few screens to connect the form to either an existing SharePoint list or a new one. The first screen asks you the URL of the site


Complete the details and click Next and then enter a name for the new list


Click Finish on the final screen

You will now see a simple form that contains only a few controls and fields


You can now edit all the headings etc to suit your needs and then lets add a people picker control and text box

Adding Controls

To access the controls, expand the control section on the menu bar and select them from the list.

Add a people picker and text box


Your screen will now look like this


On the right hand side you will now have a list of the fields you have just added, however they are not named very well


Double click the field heading and change the names to something relevant


Testing The Form

With these two controls added we can test the form, to do this click on the Preview button at the end of the ribbon


Type a username into the people picker field and click on the Check Name button


Your form should check the name exists in Active Directory

Submit The Form

Once you have finished editing your fields you will be ready to submit the for to the server

To do this click on File | Publish


From the options select the SharePoint List button, this will publish your form and associated fields to the list

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