Friday, August 12, 2011

Honeywell Completed Projects


Project name:  Honeywell Manufacturing Execution System (Honeywell MES)
Client : Honeywell International, US
Functional :  Automation Control Systems
Technology :  Windows Server 2008, Sharepoint 3.0, Silverlight 3, Data Services.

Project Description:
Honeywell MES is a Service Oriented Architecture based framework for developing projects to verticals like Petro Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Paper industries. This framework identifies some of the general functionality, controls to display the data visualization, Workflows, etc. This projects plays as middle tier application between ERP and Dynamic Control Systems. 
This Project shows entire production plant in Silverlight visual representation like plant equipments, flows, input and ports, operations, etc. The optimized solution for a production program can be planned by this application based on calculations.

Honeywell MES Information portal
Honeywell MES Information Portal helps product marketing and developer help website, It is Independently designed and developed in Silverlight consuming ASTORIA on top of Sharepoint. This website helps Honeywell MES consumers for periodic release of controls and updated information on Honeywell MES product. The controls and data services developed in Honeywell MES like Product Gallery, Gantt, Hero Bar has been used in portal.

Role description:
*MES Portal Server Setup and configuration of Sharepoint application.

* Independently developed MES Information portal consuming MES framework components and developed visualization controls like Gantt Chart, FAQ Populator, Hero Bar, Program Banner, Carousel Filmstrip Control, Carousel Rotation Control, Petrol Plant Flow sheet Simulation, MES Control Gallery and Program Status Control.
* Traveled to Oslo and Implemented MES framework setup for Honeywell Automation, Norway.
* Prepared design documents and technical papers explaining development and design approach.

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