Friday, August 12, 2011

HCL-CODC Completed Projects


Project Name :  Corporate Intranet Quality Portal & automated tools development
Technology :  MS ASP.Net 2.0, Flash MX, JavaScript 2, Fusion Charts, AJAX.Net, MS SQL Server 2005

Role description:
* Independently designed, developed and managed Intranet Quality portal in MOSS 2007 technologies and web applications in 2.0, users, access permissions integrating with windows share point technologies 2003 with technical content documents.
* Concentrating on enhancing the organizational technical expertise by
* Analyzing and tuning application performance.
* Preparing a detailed User Guide and flash based demos for the application.
Automated applications and tools description:

1. Project      : “Operational review” (Opsreview) 
Project Description:

A web based repository application, which helps quality analyst to get project operational details from engineering project folks. It has modules like Opsreview projects-Business groups setup, initiate Opsreview for Business groups on every month, schedule Opsreview meeting to understand operational works in their projects and to assign operational action items, upload engineering project’s version based operational review reports in quality server with project - people mappings, Shows the uploaded reports depending upon the project-people mapping, With the help of Opsreview application wizard module, quality analyst Produce summary reports for each month Opsreview on Business group level by quality analysts.
The additional features like user based application color themes, Application error log, automated workflow mail for Opsreview Initiation, scheduled meetings, uploading reports, escalation to people who were not responding to operational review AI, Business group summary report creation.

2. Project       : “ASTRA” 
Project Description:
A web based automated audit tracking tool that provides a centralized Web-based repository for all audit documentation that makes search and retrieval easy. It provides advanced tracking capability every step of the way, from scheduling and planning to execution to completion. The main flow of application includes quality analyst to assign auditors, schedule/ change audits on each projects, to track audit findings like non conformity action, best practices and observations has been submitted by auditors. Provision for auditee to respond the non conformity and observation provision for auditor to verify and close the audit.
The other added features of the web application includes flash graphs, User based color theme settings using style sheets , Application error log, Analysis reports on cycle wise, Audit wise, Business group wise based on project, audit findings, audit status, audit summary and audits by auditor.
Sends remainder mails to concerned stake holders regarding escalation for not submitting audit report, responding NCR, Observations and audit closure.

3. Project         : “Metrics Automation”
Project Description:
A web based application which computes the metrics data computation depends upon the raw data uploaded in excel file, imported into database and computes the Bug closure rate, Bug Validity rate by each engineers in project.
The other added features of the web application includes flash graphs for BCR and BVR on individual engineers/ each project, User based color theme settings using style sheets, Application error log, etc.,

4. Project        : “Automated Q-Portal backup & Database updater”
Technology      :
MS Windows 2003 server, MS VB.Net 2.0, Share point services 2003, MS SQL Server 2005
Project Description:
A VB.Net 2003 based scheduled task application which takes care backing up of quality portal and database and updates user permission for project managers, leads, etc, inside share point site with project-people mapping and sends automated intimation mail on daily basis. 

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