Friday, August 12, 2011

Cognizant Completed Projects


Project name :  Customer Data Repository (CDR)
Client :  Lexis Nexis, OHIO, US
Horizontal :  Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) 
Technology :  Windows Server 2008, MOSS 2007, Silverlight 3, ASP.Net 3.0, WCF Services.

Project Description:
Lexis Nexis provides solutions to professionals in law firms, corporations, government, law enforcement, tax, accounting, academic institutions and risk and compliance assessment.
The Customer Data Repository is internal information repository for Lexis Nexis. This application plays vital role in Lexis Nexis in maintaining customers information like their personal information, Workflows, Mind maps, Their Quotes, etc, Apart from that this application captures Lexis Nexis’s Concepts, Ongoing Research, Products available in their company and Internal Teams and their key contacts. The main functionality of the application provides search with wild card characters like Google and related search like Amazon.

Role description:
* Designed architecture based on end user size and independently created project solution with Business, Data and Application layers and setup TFS versioning control.
* Developed code for consumption of data from Sharepoint and exposing as WCF services, Implemented the Search Criteria Pattern in the Service Messages and Log4Net logging mechanism for better traceability. 
* Created tools for data verification and project deployment.
* Coordinating to offshore team from Ohio and took responsibility for delivering Iteration 1 tasks.

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