Wednesday, April 23, 2008

25 hints that shows your city has been metropolitinized

1. Plots in adjacent (50Km Radius) villages and towns are hot selling cakes while it is very rare to find a small undisputed vacant plot within city limits.
2. Govt. approves construction of more special economic zones, multi storey parking and bridges.
3. Bus stand which was earlier inside the city are now shifted to outskirts.
4. Business in you town advertise on satellite channels.
5. A car for each adult in the family is no more a luxury.
6. Playgrounds are extinct and replaced by PlayStations.
7. Most mobile users have atleast 2 active connections.
8. Orkut and MySpace are fashion talks among the teenagers.
9. Terms like “Ill scrap you” and “Ping me later” are conversed between 2 friends when they bump onto each other.
10. 2 wheelers are always driven with earphones on and its playing one of the numerous FM stations.
11. Traditional theatres are converted to Multiplexes and Marriage mahals are converted to shopping malls.
12. A cup of coffee costs Rs. 50 or more.
13. It’s no more acceptable to dial up and connect to internet.
14. Even the very smallest business in town has billboards in bridges sizing upto atleast triple the size or their showroom.
15. Bicycles are only sold in antique shops and Milkman and paper boy delivers on a motor bike and converse on a mobile phone.
16. It is very very very difficult to differentiate between a Guy and a Girl based on the hair-do.
17. Tele marketing calls are annoying and your kids work in BPO as tele-marketers.
18. Every other guy on the road wears an Identity card just the way your pet dog does.
19. Every hotel in the city has converted their basement into a dancing floor cum bar and call it a weird sounding name.
20. You have 15 numbers to reach your family of 3.
21. Dog shows and fashion shows are more crowded than temples.
22. Bus, Railway and Air tickets are booked 2 months in advance and Stations and ports in the city are crowded when the week ends and the the city is deserted on all festive occasions.
23. You find walkers and joggers traffic in almost all the roads at early hours of the day.
24. Your boss understands and emphatizes when you give “Traffic congestion” as an excuse to coming late to office.
25. Real estate / Rentals / Leasing are the most happening business only next to starting a Tea shop near a software company.

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