Friday, December 23, 2011

Unlock Hidden Options In Reliance NetConnect Broadband Plus UI Interface


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When you install reliance netconnect software on your computer, it hides some of the useful options by default and these options are statistics, sms, conenction history and lot more. The default interface of the Netconnect Broadband Plus software looks like as shown in the image below.


After tweaking the interface by replacing the file called PluginsConfig.xml it reveals the following hidden options as shown in the image below.


It have some useful options like Statistics which lets you see a detailed graph of upload and download speed of your connection, sms option, connection history which lets you about session history and time per session and lot more other options which you may found useful.

Here is how you can replace the file required to reveal all the above shown options in the image above.

Tip by Tony222

Replace the PluginsConfig.xml file at the following path “C:\Program Files\Reliance Netconnect – Broadband+\config\PluginsConfig.xml” with file you download from the following links

In order to see all the options completely you will need to modify the value in another file at the following path 

C:\Program Files\Reliance Netconnect – Broadband+\SysSetting.xml”

Set the value 16:9 where you found 4:3 in the above file

This way you can add more options to the reliance USB data card interface, its actually works.

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